Live Solar Astronomy w/Stephen Ramsden & Ben Jenkins – All weekend from 10:00am – 4:30pm; Hilton 3rd Floor Former Pool Deck (times approximate & weather permitting). Join our fabulous solar astronomer and learn more about our own Star, how it affects our lives and see it live in its glory! Stephen always has great freebies for the kids as well!

Live Astronomy w/Dr. Keel & Dr. Kilgard – Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights from mid-night – ?? wee hours of the morning; Track Room (weather permitting). Once again we’ll have access to telescopes from Kitt Peak, AZ and Chile! See the wonders of both the Northern and Southern hemisphere skies!

* Richard Garriott: A Private Journey to the ISS–a Retrospective 10 Years On – Opening Space Track this year will be Richard Garriott in the Crystal Ballroom. In 2008 Richard was launched in a Russian rocket to the ISS. The 6th private citizen to do. Now, 10 years on, he looks back on that adventure and looks forward to will such a thing be possible again?

* Hubble Space Telescope: Advancing the Frontiers of Science for 25+ Years – We’ve been talking about and looking at spectacular pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope since this track was still the Space & Science Track. This year will be different! There will still be the gorgeous pictures and the information on Hubble itself but our presenter, Ken Carpenter, actually works on the Hubble Mission! Hear it from a first person account!

* Solving the Mystery of Tabby’s Star! – The Kepler space telescope has a great legacy of exo-planet discovery. Verifying those discoveries will continue years after Kepler ceases operating. One of the stars that Kepler looked at has excited the space community in many aspects with it’s unexplained dimming and brightening. One astronomer has taken on this mission figuring out what is happening in that star system. Now widely known as ‘Tabby’s Star’, Tabetha Boyajian will be updating us on the latest research on this mysterious star.

* A ‘MER’ Celebration! Long Live Opportunity & Spirit – Spirit and Opportunity, two Mars rovers whose 90 day mission was to try to discover if there had been water on Mars. Having completed that within a week the rovers continued on for YEARS! Spirit was lost in 2011 after getting trapped in sand. As of this moment I don’t know if Opportunity has made it through the massive dust storm or not. Still, we will celebrate the MERS Spirit & Opportunity Saturday morning at 9am. Juice and breakfast pastries will be provided.

* Kids’ NASA Workshop Returns! – For the 7th year, Sam Ortega, from the Marshall Space Flight Center, will handle and handout the fun this year. Kids, you don’t want to miss this and Parents, definitely mark this one on your calendars!

Space Track Freebie Table – Pictures, posters, coloring books, pins, book markers, topical information packets.  Whatever our guests can manage to beg, borrow or steal from their outreach programs.