Live Solar Astronomy w/Stephen Ramsden – All weekend from 10:00am – 4:30pm; Hilton 3rd Floor Pool Deck (times approximate & weather permitting). Join our fabulous solar astronomer and learn more about our own Star, how it affects our lives and see it live in its glory! Stephen always has great freebies for the kids as well!

Live Astronomy w/Dr. Keel & Dr. Kilgard – Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights from mid-night – ?? wee hours of the morning; Track Room (weather permitting). Once again we’ll have access to telescopes from Kitt Peak, AZ and Chile! See the wonders of both the Northern and Southern hemisphere skies!

* The Future of Military Space – On Friday evening at 8:30pm, in the Hilton’s Crystal Ballroom, Space Track is presenting a talk on ‘Military Space’. This is a first for the Track as getting anyone with clearance to speak about it isn’t easy and we didn’t want to have a talk that wasn’t factual. This is sure to be fascinating and quite popular. Get your seat early!

* Graphic/Activity Book Freebie! – Many of you likely remember Hanny’s Voorwerp, the discovery by a Dutch school teacher of a ‘Kermit, the frog’ looking astronomical object. That discovery spawned a graphic novel about her discovery, which was something that had never been seen before. Well, since that time more ‘voorwerpies’ have been discovered and a good bit of research on them is ongoing. Also, another graphic/activity book has been done and will be given away during Con. Dr. Keel will be talking, ‘Voorwerpjes Science – Fading Light Echoes’, on Saturday, at 1:00pm and the book will be available to all at that time. We will also keep copies on the freebie table in the Track room for as long as they last.

* The Kevin and Phil Show – Our favorite space scientists/comedy duo returns once again! Kevin Grazier and Phil Plait will be talking, ‘Space in the Time of Sequester’, a serious topic concerning all space fans but done with their special insight and wit. Gather ALL your friends for this one as we will be over in the Hyatt’s, Grand Ballroom West (which holds something like 600 people!!!) at our usual Saturday, 10:00pm time.

* SOLAR SYSTEM SUNDAY – Space Track is trying something new this year – a ‘theme’ day! On Sunday, every talk will have a ‘Solar System’ related theme. We start with the Sun, of course, and will work our way to the edge of interstellar space. Don’t expect the talks to be mundane planetary updates either. The Bad Astronomer himself will enlighten everyone with facts you may not know about our solar system (’10 (or so) Amazing Facts About Our Solar System’, Sunday, 11:30am). Dr. Stephen Granade, will explain why it’s almost impossible to get from one place to another (‘You Can’t Get There From Here’, Sunday, 2:30pm). JPL’s Kim Steadman, discusses planning and engineering differences between probes and rovers (‘To Land & Rove or Fly & Spy’, Sunday, 7:00pm). If your into moons, don’t miss Dr. Nicole Gugliucci’s talk on the various types of moons within our system and their importance (‘Secret Lives of Moons’, Sunday, 10:00pm)!

* Kids’ NASA Workshop Returns! – Monday morning, 9:30am in the Space Track room! Be There! Last year’s NASA Robotic Workshop was so much fun that we decided to do another one. Not exactly the same but who wants a repeat? Sam Ortega, from the Marshall Space Flight Center, will handle and handout the fun this year. Kids, you don’t want to miss this and Parents, definitely mark this one on your calendars!

Space Track Freebie Table – Pictures, posters, coloring books, pins, book markers, topical information packets.  Whatever our guests can manage to beg, borrow or steal from their outreach programs.